In Sun, Wind & Waves

GAY-TANTRA Holiday & Seminar

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Jun 19 - 26, 2021 on Ischia near Naples, Italy


Holiday - a time in the year to stop the daily routine, to let go, to recharge with new strength and inspirations. A right time to turn calmly to new sights and new experiences. A proper time to get familiar with GAY-TANTRA or - as a tantric practitioner - to reconnect with Tantra and enjoy the holidays.


Ischia – the evergreen, healing island, full of plants and vegetation, surrounded by the azure blue sea. Everything blossoms and smells great: Lemons, oranges, olive trees, tendrils and palms are thousand fold scattered in this "Oasis of Inspiration". The sharp edged rock formations contrast with the elemental force portrayed in primary rocks. Natural springs, grottoes, bath bays - warm, gushing, pulsating and full of energy. An island for the senses!

Course and contents

  • The days start with active and silent meditation.
  • After breakfast a morning session follows with dance, movement, yoga, body-, breath- and energy work and lasts until around 1.30 pm: We will take stress and tensions out of the body, wake up the erotic energy in the pelvis and connect in the so called "HeartWave" with a partner.
  • On one of our days you also get familiar with deep relaxation in warm thermal water: You learn to receive and to give a relaxing partner session. This and the other programs might also inspire you how to spend the leisure.
  • The afternoons are for your personal leisure: Walking, bathing in the sea, driving outside with a boat or just lying in the sun and being alone... Many things are possible at our place.
  • In the evening we will meet for massages, meditations and rituals and we'll enjoy our gathering.
  • Conversations and discussions will help you to integrate your experiences with your everyday life at home, providing ideas for post-holidays practice and the ongoing inclusion of GAY-TANTRA in your daily routine.

In Sun, Wind & Waves on Ischia, Italy

Organizational Details


Panza - a small calm place, lovely situated in the south-west of the island, with a typically neapolitanic-rural character - is surrounded by vineyards at the foot of the Monte Epomeo. Panza is an outstanding starting point for all migrations and nature experiences.
In the middle of it: Our holidays and seminar hotel – small and individual, of the owner and its family build, in the midst of beautiful flower splendour, olive trees, palms, lemon trees and much more. A sea water pool with massage jets, an inside thermal water pool, sun terrace and small quiescent oases, invite for relaxation and with-drawing. The double rooms with shower/toilet are furnished simply and affectionately. All have balcony or terrace, usually with sea view.

The Address: Hotel 'Villa Lina', Via Belvedere 16, I-80070 Forio d'Ischia - Panza/NA, Phone: 0039-081-908048

Accommodation and Meals

The overnight accommodation/half board costs per day/person EUR 70 [~ USD 82] with accommodation in the double bed room, EUR 90 [~ USD 105] per day/person with overnight accommodation in the double bed room as a single bed room.

The food supply takes over the boss, Nicola, maximum personally: He is master of the neapolitanisch/ischiatisch kitchen and he uses gladly biologically cultivated additions from his own garden.

GAY-TANTRA International organizes the room reservation.
The costs for accommodation/meals are to be paid cash on arriving.

Travel Hints

You organize individually your journey by airplane. Your destination is Naples / Italy. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper price you pay.

The hotel organizes a taxi for you to pick you up at the airport or at the train station (time for taxi transfer around 3 to 4 hours; transfer costs for 2 persons and more about EUR 45 [~ USD 55] per person).

Welcome to Naples and Ischia!
Welcome to Villa Lina!

Fee of Participation

The fee for the GAY-TANTRA Holiday & Seminar on Ischia, Italy, amounts USD 685.

The following discounts are possible:
∇ (-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registrations until Jan 31, 2021.

And additionally under one of the following conditions:
» (-15%) Social rebate: Students/Underemployed Persons
» (-10%) Partner discount: Couples - registering together
The participation fee does not include any extras (boat tour, excursions ...).

See here: Conditions of participation / cancellation.

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