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Questions and answers with Armin Heining about GAY-TANTRA™:

Armin HeiningQ: For how long have you been offering the GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: My very first class I offered was a day-long workshop in September 1992 in Nuremberg/Bavaria, already named GAY-TANTRA. Since then I developed dozens of different programs in a variety of four different categories that I have created, including GAY-TANTRA “Classic / Ecstatic” (highly energetic for sexual release); GAY-TANTRA “Origin / Meditative” (for finding inner peace); GAY-TANTRA”Massage / Wellness” (for well being, intimacy and touch); GAY-TANTRA”Holiday & Seminar” (tantric lifestyle and vacation).

Q: How many have participated in your GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: Sorry, I can no longer count them all! My best estimate is at least 5,000 over the past 24 years! I am very glad about the development and continuation of all my programs. And it is always a great joy for me when men come back after a break of ten or fifteen years or write me an email that the experience of many years ago is still influencing their life today in a positive way!

Q: Where did you learn the techniques that have evolved into the GAY-TANTRA™ Program?

A: In 1983 I became a Benedictine Monk and practiced Zen meditation for over 8 years. Then, in 1990 I was introduced to Margot Anand, the founder of SkyDancing Tantra and began to study with her. I completed her SkyDancing-Tantra Teacher’s training program and was certified as a SkyDancing Tantra teacher in 1992.

I was associated with SkyDancing Tantra till 2008, when I asked to be released from that community. The reason for leaving was to take a further step into my gay identity and to develop my GAY-TANTRA practice completely independent from a straight point-of-view.

Q: Why are you coming to the US with your GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: I love new challenges. I love to expand my energy field! And I love to be challenged in the truth of life. Coming to the US is a challenge and personal growth for me. And, I am sure now after two times in the US in 2015 that I can bring new things which have developed in Germany and Europe, but are not yet in the US. I have written about that already on this website in the section 'This is what makes GAY-TANTRA™ so unique'.

Q: Anything else you might like to share about GAY-TANTRA™?

A: GAY-TANTRA is for me the most intimate way to be with a partner…and the contemplative tradition in Tantra, the Mahamudra, is for me the most intimate way to be with myself.

I love bliss and I love enlightenment. Both belong together. This is what I live, this is what I teach! Enlightenment and bliss are happening on the background of our souls - I have developed recently a new awareness of my soul and the souls of other men. And I love very to connect on body, mind, soul and spiritual level at once.

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