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As Yoga Tantra is an ancient spiritual path, which Armin Heining as the pioneer made available for all kinds of men in GAY-TANTRA.

In antique yoga traditions, core teaching and practices are about body awareness and meditation. The practitioner surrenders into a certain posture (asana) and relaxes body and mind. In this way not only the flexibility of the body increases but also the ability to voluntarily surrender. This increases the degree of one's presence, consciousness and ability to go beyond the body limits.

Yoga helps the tantra not to get reduced to spectacular sex techniques and Tantra helps yoga not to remain in ascetic withdrawal but to be part in the everyday life where sexuality is a part of.

Our men's workshops, retreats and trainings are a great opportunity to discover new ways of life, to celebrate, explore, integrate and heal body, mind, spirit and sexuality.

We do this using bodywork, yoga postures, massage, dance, active and silent meditations and other practices in a relaxing, supportive and save all-male environment.

Discover new perspectives and learn ways to become more open, resilient and centered in a sustainable way. Enjoy an inspiring time and get energized from Armin.

I am pleased and proud to offer my onsite workshops and retreats for men. These enriching programs are based on my profound tantra education by Margot Anand, the voice of the origins of western tantra, and my always fresh enthusiam to learn, develop and move forward. This all should help to create a stronger loving and more supportive community.

This is what makes GAY-TANTRA™ so unique

Workshops USA and Canada

Since 2015 Armin Heining, who founded GAY-TANTRA in 1992, is approximately three times a year visiting North America with his unique Massages, workshops, retreats and trainings. His spiritual home is Frog Meadow, a gay bed & breakfast and massage oasis , located in Southern Vermont.

From there Armin starts to tour around. Highlights are his 6 day GAY-TANTRA Massage and Masseur Training for enthusiasts as well as professionals, teaching his amazing skills.

More programs are to be determined. Please check all current dates at


Workshops Europe

Based in the capitol of Germany many of his trainings take place in Berlin or outside the hustle and buzzle in wonderful nature settings. Armin visits also regularly Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and other vibrant cities.

Find all his European events at

Gay-Tantra® - We professionally train you!

GAY-TANTRA Trainings

With Armins continuously further developed learning concept (with audio/visual teaching and learning aids, high practise relevancy, precise working documents and much more...) GAY-TANTRA is your reliable partner on your personal and professional path and accompanies you into the future. It will help to give you more assurance and success in establishing contact with your clients and guests.

Gay-Tantra® - We professionally train you!


With the continuing release of his ground-breaking GAY-TANTRA™ 11-part film series beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2017, Armin Heining has helped Tantra become widely known within the gay community in Europe. His GAY-TANTRA™ workshops, seminars, counseling, coaching and films are unique in Europe and he is considered to be the ultimate authority on meditation and ecstatic sexuality, the art of massage and the culture of most intimate communication. Find all the GAY-TANTRA Media in the Webshop for Downlaod and Shipping.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who are the workshop participants?

Usually, they are very well educated men with good social manners and behaviors, warm-hearted, loving and often very sexy - my workshop is mostly a much better experience than the average gay scene meetings and events. Vague curiosity, as well as targeted search for a different gay lifestyle, brings men into sampler, sampler intensive and longer-lasting classes and trainings. A referral by a friend or acquaintance often motivates them to register and participate as well. Bi and heterosexual men love to participate to charge their masculine side as well as hanging out with same-sex lovers.

How many men participate in each workshop?

In general, the quality of a workshop experience is not depending on the number of participants. Mostly 6 to 16 men in the age range of 28 to 75 join an event. They are most of the time younger and middle-aged than older men.

Where are the workshop programs held?

In Frog Meadow, Southern Vermont, three or more times a year residential workshops take place in a beautiful natural environment. Other GAY-TANTRA destinations are Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Asheville, Washington, Philadelphia, New York and more.
Those events take place in well-chosen dance or yoga studios, or other semi-residential settings.

I currently don't have a partner. Can I attend in GAY-TANTRA as a single?

Most of the men participate as a single. So: Don't care about being single - you will find a partner for exercises. If you attend together with your partner you are more than welcome to practice certain exercises together with him.

Are the GAY-TANTRA workshops nude events?

We usually start lightly dressed or wear a sarong (made of cotton or silk) around our hips. Especially the sarong makes us sexy and playful as we are not used to wearing and presenting ourselves in a men's group. However, when we get bodily active and maybe a little sweaty it makes us feel more comfortable to let the sarong go... If you keep your sarong all the times you are very welcome to do that.

I am afraid of getting an erection during the workshop. What to do?

That's human having arousal come and go. We all know that at least. You can keep wearing your sarong for as long as you feel or turn away from the group. You need to know: Many participants would be happy receiving an energetic erection.

Comments & Reviews

""Armin made it easy to let go and do outrageous and surprising (at least to me) things and tap into unexpected parts of ourselves. This sense of discovery was invaluable to me!"

- Kevin, 35 years

"I was not sure what to expect and I am so glad I attended!"

- Michael, 57 years

"You have begun the process of waking me and my husband up to a whole new experience of life and we are looking forward to our continued journey! Thank you Armin"

- Scott & Will, 49 & 31 years

Armin Heining

Armin is giving in this workshop a taste of his teachings. Once a Benedictine Monk for 10 years he turned 1992 to the Founder of GAY-TANTRA on our planet connecting his spiritual experiences through Christian Mystic, Contemplation and Zen Meditation with Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra, his tantric mentor for over 18 years.

Armin Heining International Coach & Trainer

Today he is a European and internationally acclaimed trainer and spiritual guide, very warm-hearted, understanding and enthusiastic at the same time. Have the pleasure and the honor to experience GAY-TANTRA at its origins!

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