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Since 1992, Armin has internationally helped 5,000 men and more to integrate their sexual energy naturally into their whole personality and to connect with love, compassion, intimacy and spirituality. Meet Armin through his films. Take some time to watch and listen to him. Get inspired and inwardly touched by his wisdom and insights.

Available Soon: Armin Heining 'Silence, Ecstasy, Happiness'

How I Learned to Meditate as a Monk and Discovered Spiritual Tantra
A young man in provincial Old Bavaria torn between religious devotion and sexual discovery. When he receives his conscription notice, only one path appears possible.

Join the GAY-TANTRA Winter 2023 Program ! Ft Lauderdale/FL, USA, Toronto/ON, CAN, Phoenix/AZ, USA, Zipolite/OAX, MEX and others cities in Feb/Mar 2023
When do you feel completely at ease in your life? I would say: When you feel yourself, when you are connected with your inner child, are able to play, laugh, forget time and space, find recognition, have success; when your life has a run and you are happy. Correct?

Heterosexual Men in Homosexual Tantra

Interview with Armin Heining, GAY-TANTRA Founder (since 1992), publisched Oct 20,2021
For the straight man, the anchor of his own sexual orientation is no longer represented in the group faciltator: suddenly a gay person leads the same or similar rituals. This opens up a space to arrive even deeper in oneself, in one's own strength and sexual identity.

Four Participants share their experience from 'Heterosexual Men in Homosexual Tantra'

Thank you very much, Tium, Keith, Jens and Tancredi for your sharing: It was nice to have you in the workshop!

From a Benedictine Monk to the GAY-TANTRA™ Guru

Interview with Armin Heining about his exciting path of transformation in his life.
Bonus film from the 3 GAY-TANTRA Massage DVDs (published June 2010)

What is GAY-TANTRA? Armin Heining answers

Armin's modern and authentic approach to an ancient spiritual path.
Bonusfilm from the 4 GAY-TANTRA DVDs (published Nov. 2014 & May 2015)

Ritual of the Tantric Unification

What do you experience with GAY-TANTRA?
Where does GAY-TANTRA lead you?
We have retrieved from my archives an older short (10:07) film and made it available (with subtitles) for the first time for the US to illustrate where the journey with GAY-TANTRA can lead to!

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