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Active Meditations, developed in the 80s of last century, are designed for people living in a western lifestyle. They invite you first to be active, how you are used to it from your daily lifestyle, but later to calm down, get receptive and meditative. Do practice these meditations together with others is mostly more joyful than doing alone: You be with yourself and at the same time connected with the other members of the group. Find here listings for all regions of America and the word:

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Personal Development: Path of Love

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The Path of Love is a powerful personal development process with lasting results that integrate daily into your life. This process, a perfect supplementary to GAY-TANTRA™ and personally recommended by Armin, is designed to bring out and support the very best in you. See the schedule to find a path retreat near you.

Path of Love - Schedule

Welcome to send an email to Armin for personal questions to this cross-gender retreat.

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