25 Reasons to Live the GAY-TANTRA Life

For over 25 years, Armin Heining with GAY-TANTRA™ has been a pioneer in tantra for gay men all over the world. We are proudly celebrating our anniversary and we hope that you will be a part of it!

Armin Heining

These are some of the many reasons to join the GAY-TANTRA™ lifestyle:


  • GAY-TANTRA is the original.
  • GAY-TANTRA is full of life and youthfullness for over 25 years.
  • GAY-TANTRA is the avant garde for loving men, singles, couples and groups.
  • GAY-TANTRA is playful, light and mature.
  • GAY-TANTRA has an owner that lives the Tantra lifestyle with every cell of his body.
  • Armin Heining himself has experienced a personal transformation and lives the authentic and real GAY-TANTRA lifestyle.
  • GAY-TANTRA is embedded in the community and builds up no contrasts.
  • GAY-TANTRA lives in Berlin in elegant rooms and upscale ambience.
  • GAY-TANTRA masseurs that are high qualified will welcome you in the massage oasis.
  • GAY-TANTRA inspires and opens new horizons.
  • GAY-TANTRA is international and connects humans with each other.
  • With GAY-TANTRA you experience love and community.
  • GAY-TANTRA has extensive and outstanding workshops.
  • GAY-TANTRA offers detailed exercises with a high experience value.
  • GAY-TANTRA teaches the founder’s contents step by step.
  • GAY-TANTRA has a long lasting and positive effect to your life.
  • GAY-TANTRA supports your personal development.
  • GAY-TANTRA connects you with your inner core and strengthens your self-confidence.
  • GAY-TANTRA has style and class.
  • GAY-TANTRA practices and teaches creative and unique massage choreographies.
  • GAY-TANTRA offers 3 professional trainings.
  • GAY-TANTRA offers the most extensive pictures and teaching material
  • GAY-TANTRA has the most-seen gay-erotic educational DVDs worldwide.
  • GAY-TANTRA offers a total of 33 films in german, english and french as a download and on DVD.
  • GAY-TANTRA is sexy and an aphrodisiac for your life.

Meeting in July 2017: Armin and Margot, his master, teacher and good friend

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