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The Kamasutra, the most important love doctrine of Sanskrit literature, can also be for same-sex men a a rich source of new ideas: Behavior that has become habitual is left behind to bring sexual togetherness to a new bloom.

As Tantra can also be called "sexual yoga", so describe the love positions of Kamasutra Yoga postures in sexuality. We will learn this in a fun. Let GAY-TANTRA show you the way!

Watch Armin talking about Gay Kamasutra and Tantra:

This Workshop will bring your self-confidence into a healthy balance and let you experience for yourself that sexuality can be playful, simple and a source of great joy and creativity in your life.
Open-minded singles & couples are welcome to join us!

  • For centuries Tantra has been considered to be the ultimate path to enhance one’s spiritual and physical experience because of the erotic energy that is generated.
  • This is because Tantra is the link between spirituality and sexuality!
  • Kamasutra is an "add-on" to Tantra which inspires and makes learning fun.

GAY-TANTRA™ teaches you ancient tantric techniques that will unlock and enhance spiritual and sexual pathways – and help you become your authentic self. Join me as I bring my 'Gay Kamasutra – Inspired Sexuality' GAY-TANTRA Workshop to Canada for the very first time!

When you join me for Gay Kamsutra:

  • You'll experience the trust, camaraderie and connection of a really "good" – e.g. warm, nice, upscale, respectful, friendly, sexy and loving – bunch of men who come to Toronto from different locations throughout the US and Canada...
  • You'll join with others in the "delightful excitement of a blind date" and leave behind any notion of fear or apprehension.
  • You'll learn valuable new techniques and experience new ways to share immense erotic pleasure, excitement and create deep connections for yourself and your sexual partner... techniques that you'll take home and share with others for years to come...
  • You'll fully relax and decompress throughout the workshop's weekend format, enjoying our togetherness and return home!

Course and contents:

  • Body awareness, movement and connection help you to get in contact with yourself and other men.
  • Active and calm meditations help you to let go of your everyday life to arrive within yourself, in order to be open for a spontaneous connection.
  • Movement sequences from yoga increase mobility, smoothness and loveability of your body.
  • Love positions of the Kamasutra will be shown and practiced in different sequences both in the active as well as in the receptive role and practiced lightly dressed in the classroom.
  • You will have time with your partner after official closure of the program to practice in the classroom the love positions in your way - for deeper intimacy and connection.
  • Movement and dance, touch and massage, breathing and expression exercises round out the full program.
  • Silence, meditation, conversation and exchange further compliment the workshop and give an outlook on how the experience will be further cultivated and can be intensified.

This workshop is suitable for you:

  • If you want to experiment with the topics of ‘Kamasutra’ and ‘Tantra’.
  • If you are looking for new inspirations and energy for your sexual life.
  • If you feel like you are a man full of delight and creativity in your sexual expression.
  • If you want to be loving and pleasurable with your partner.
  • If you’re looking for new ways to make your love life more varied, creative and exciting.

For Inspiration and Joyful Preparation

Upon registration for this workshop first-time participants will receive the following materials for advance familiarization and joyful preparation:

DVD Gay Kamasutra

  • The GAY-TANTRA Educational Film 'Gay Kamasutra' (75 minutes): This video opens an extensive variety of love positions for men which includes the ‘Verses of Desire’. Broaden and enrich your sexual life!
  • Additional bonus films for download to allow you to maximize what you will learn and take home from this workshop!

Open to all Open-Minded Singles & Couples!

All are welcome to join us…to learn…to share….to touch…to enjoy! The program is open to men wanting to bring more compassionate, sensual and sexual expression to their relationships seeking to connect with men in holistic new ways.

The program is open to beginners as well as men with prior tantra/tantric experience. You'll benefit from sharing and learning with men who are open-hearted, full of patience and are committed to supporting each other throughout the 2-day Weekend Singles Workshop Retreat!

Note that a certain amount of physical flexibility and fitness are prerequisites for participating in the Gay Kamasutra Singles & Couples Workshop.

Questions & Answers

Q: What can I expect from this workshop?

A: Men who have learned Kamasutra with me, are enthusiastic that they have become much more creative in their sexual expression, more agile in their bodies, more energetic and free in being together with their partners.

Q: Is Gay Kamasutra a sex party?

A: No, definitely not! We learn, as in partner yoga, different positions and the change from one to the other. It can be a lot of fun to imitate or experience the processes of sex positions.

Q: Are we naked during the workshop?

A: Yes at times you will be. However, as Yoga positions can be practiced dressed also the Kamasutra love positions do not necessarily need nudity to learn. In the group classroom overt sex will not be happening. However at the end of sessions in the classroom there will be open time to continue with your practice partner and enjoy the inspirations. Note that safe sex practices will be in effect and that there will be no unprotected sex during this workshop.

Q: How are we paired with a partner?

A: We are inviting open-minded singles, open also for partner changes. Participants are encouraged to practice different exercises with different partners and may be also meet a partner by lottery.
Couples can attend as "Deep Divers" practicing all Kamasutra excercises together.

Q: Will it come to direct sexuality? e.g. penetration?

A: That depends on the degree of lightness and openness we will find in dealing with each other. Preparatory meditations and exercises help you to release stress, tension, sexual disappointment, frustration and to arrive in warmth and friendliness. The more you get involved in the preparation, the freer we will be able to handle our sexuality in the Kamasutra.

Q: How do I find out more?

A: If you have specific questions about the program please get in contact with me.

Gay Kamasutra Singles & Couples Workshop

Organizational Details


Awaken Studio, 276 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1, CAN
The well equipped studio provides a sheltered intimate space to dive into playful and profound experiences. Awaken Studio


The Special Workshop for Singles & Couples starts on Friday at 7 pm and will last until about 10 pm.
Saturday and Sunday, each of the days, will start at 8 am with a meditation in the morning, followed by a breakfast.
Saturday will end about 9.00 pm, Sunday about 4:30 pm.


You are responsible for your own accommodation. You may stay at home or in a hotel. You might want to bring your own food or eat out in a restaurant nearby.

Participation fee

The fee for the GAY-TANTRA Special Workshop amounts CAD 675, payable in one amount or - on request - in two instalments (50 per cent on the date of the written enrolment; 50 per cent one month prior to the beginning). Please contact us via E-Mail.
This fee covers all costs for seminar hours with Armin, the master of GAY-TANTRA™ (since 1992). Learn from his profound experience and tune into his positive mindset!
Included are also two morning breakfasts and snacks during the days.

The following benefits are possible:
∇ (-10%) First-Minute Advantage: for registrations until Sep 18, 2024.

And additionally under one of the following conditions:
» (-15%) Social Rebate: Students/Underemployed Persons

See here: Conditions of participation / cancellation.

Comments & Reviews

"Our GAY-TANTRA workshop with Armin Heining was great! It was the perfect workshop to help my fiancé and I reconnect and grow deeper in our relationship. The other participants were friendly and had a wide range of ages. We connected with another couple quickly and really enjoyed our time with them during our workshop. The group exercises and meditations were helpful to connect with everyone and we had time for just my fiancé and I to connect as well. I’d highly recommend Armin’s workshops as he caters to couples and singles alike in a fun group environment."

- Kyle H. & Joshua K

"21 years ago, my husband and I attended several GAY-TANTRA workshops. We liked these so much that we also joined your “Biggest Tantra Energy-Sex Program". During this training we became a couple! Eventually I moved in with him and together we built a house and married!
In GAY-TANTRA we have our roots. I still love my husband like on the first day. Nevertheless, after 21 years, we now connected at your introductory workshop on a new level: My heart for my Husband has opened again, as if we had just got to know each other! The meditations, exercises and rituals have helped us get to this place! It was also nice for me again to go into the self-experience, to feel myself stronger again.
Thank you!"

- Dirk & Werner

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