Book Armin Heining: Silence, Ecstasy, Happiness

How I Learned to Meditate as a Monk and Discovered Spiritual Tantra

The Book

I'm a young man in provincial Old Bavaria, torn between my religious devotion and my journey of sexual discovery. When I receive my conscription notice, it seems like there's only one possible path for me.

  • Is the monastery the right choice for me? Can celibacy truly keep my passion in check?
  • During my theological studies, I find myself living next door to a popular brother, and my conscience faces an unexpected test. On a scorching summer day, a series of dramatic events unfolds, changing my life in ways I could never have foreseen.
  • Who helps me through the dark moments of my inner turmoil?
  • Who can truly understand me and guide me toward a path forward? Can the Catholic Church prevent my downfall?

Saint or squalor, order or orgasm, monastery or sexual ecstasy – my unsparing autobiography is a gripping account of my early life: The desperate struggle to live authentically between sexuality and spirituality, the hope of healing emotional pain, and the enlightening realization that even the most tortuous path follows a plan.

The Author

I was born in 1960, and I grew up in the town of Cham in Bavaria. After completing high school, I entered a Benedictine Monastery in Lower Bavaria and pursued my studies in Catholic theology in Würzburg. After years of deep inner conflict and undergoing therapeutic processes, I eventually left the abbey by mutual agreement.

Following my heart, I founded GAY-TANTRA in Nuremberg in 1992 and became the author and director of numerous bestselling educational films. Today, I live as an ›urban monk‹ in Berlin, and as an international coach, I travel the world sharing my philosophy:

»Meditation is the most intimate way to be with oneself, and tantric union is the most intimate way to be with another person.«

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Amazon, Publishing PROS, April 2023

283 pages, including 1 colour page;

  • E-Book: ISBN 9781915919670
  • Softcover: ISBN 9781916540224
  • Hardcover: ISBN 9781916540231

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