Sexual Energy Massage


GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop

Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation, playfulness, tranquillity, energy and connectedness. GAY-TANTRA opens the door for you! Feel pride and self-confidence to open up new levels of consciousness with your sexuality for your life. By taking part in the Sexual Energy Massage GAY-TANTRA™ Introductory Workshop you will open up new perspectives for your love life. You'll feel sexually attractive and charged with energy and will experience life directly and uncomplicated.


When selecting our sexual partner we are usually more influenced by their outer appearance and personality. It is often not possible to make natural contact without experiencing inevitable disappointments. We live more in external perception and judgement, rather than feeling our own body’s potential as a vehicle for pleasure, love, understanding and ecstasy. We prefer to fantasize about our sexuality, rather than really experience it.

This workshop aims to strengthen the relationship to your own body to get you out of your fantasy world into the present moment!

More things to consider...

  • Would you like to bring something new into your life? Maybe now is the right time to bring something new to your life. Try new ways of connecting with yourself and others and gain new perspectives on the world and your life!
  • Would you like to free your mind & find yourself? Breathing deeply, moving your body and making sounds of pleasure - these are the three keys of GAY-TANTRA used to achieve ecstasy and bliss. These 3 keys have the power to bring your thoughts to different levels, feelings and to help find yourself: To understand more deeply who you are, what you want and which goals you want to achieve!
  • Would you like to be your authentic self? We provide a safe environment in which you can express yourself and leave the world outside to find yourself on the inside!

Now you can learn from Germany’s GAY-TANTRA™ Pioneer, Armin Heining as he brings his Sexual Energy Massage GAY-TANTRA™ Introductory Workshop to the US at Frog Meadow in Southern Vermont!

Watch our video invitation to the Introductory Workshop

Course and Contents

Body awareness, movement and encounter will help you to make contact with yourself and the other men.

Active and silent meditations stimulate the flow of energy to sensitize the skin and organs and prepare you to sense energy coursing throughout your whole body.

The imaginary division of your body into seven segments helps you to channel your awareness to a specific area.

Genital touch and massage stimulates your pelvic area and your sexual fire. You see how this fire spreads through the chakras in your body.

In the ritual of "sexual energy massage" you channel your sexual desire through your whole body and connect it up with your massage partner. You immerse yourself in a shared experience of sexual pleasure and energy.

Presentations, discussions and personal exchanges will help you to integrate your experiences during the workshop with your everyday life at home, providing ideas for post-seminar practice and the ongoing inclusion and integration of GAY-TANTRA™ in your daily routine!

In addition, this introductory workshop will also give you a more accurate picture of how you can benefit from ongoing GAY-TANTRA™ programs and their incredible potential

This Workshop is Suitable for You...

  • If you want to discover your body and your sexuality in a new way...
  • If you want to be a more liberated person...
  • If you want to experience ecstatic sexuality...
  • If you want to further develop your sexual life...
  • If you want to connect sexuality with spirituality!

For Inspiration and Joyful Preparation

Upon registration for this introductory workshop first-time participants will receive the following materials for advance familiarization and joyful preparation:

DVD Ultimate Gay Sex

  • The GAY-TANTRA Educational Film 'Ultimate Gay Sex' (running time about 65 minutes) and other Bonus Films for download to allow you to maximize what you will learn and take home from the workshop intensive! "Ultimate Gay Sex" shows how to increase your sexual spontaneity and creativity and thus you can develop yourself! Learn through breathing and visualization to activate different expressions of your sexuality. Express this in lustful touch and stimulations. Learn how to love your partner in a holistic way, so that body boundaries melt and you become ONE!
  • Additional bonus films for download to allow you to maximize what you will learn and take home from this workshop!

Workshop Sexual Energy Massage

Organizational Details


The GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop takes place at Frog Meadow Farm, 34 Upper Spring Hill Rd, Newfane, Vermont 05345, USA. This country bed & breakfast and massage oasis for men with its extraordinary & beautiful natural setting, the gardens and orchards, the super-comfortable guest rooms, provides a welcoming environment and a safe space.

How to get there

Frog Meadow is located off Interstate 91 in southeast Vermont, approximately 10 miles north of Brattleboro VT approximately 2.5 hours from Boston and 4 hours from New York City. You can reach the location individually and easily via car, train, bus or airplane. At the time of your registration you will receive detailed travel directions. For additional travel option information please check the Frog Meadow website.

Frog Meadow Farm Vermont

Retreat Start/End Times

Sept 13, 2019, after 4PM - Sept 15, 2019, 2PM

Friday, Sept 13: Arrive after 4PM, Welcome Reception, Opening Circle & Dinner begin at 6PM.
Sunday, Sept 15: Closing Circle & Lunch conclude at 2PM.

Accommodation & Meals

All overnight accommodation, meals and snacks will be provided by Frog Meadow Farm. Rates (see below) are per person / double occupancy (2 per room except for Deluxe Barn Suite which is Quad occupancy). Room allocation is in the order of registration.

Rates & Amenities

Program registration is possible via the Frog Meadow website only!
$ 1,060 per-person, double occupancy (two per bed), plus $ 44.33 VT rooms & meals tax, and includes program tuition and activities, lodging and dinners Friday through Sunday, breakfast & lunch Saturday through Sunday, as well as exclusive use of the amenities at Frog Meadow including 63-acre four-season recreation trail network, gym, spring-fed swimming pond & wood-fired hot tub.

Supplemental Lodging & Massages

Please consider booking additional lodging nights following the workshop to maximally decompress and integrate what you have learned afterwards, to schedule a Tantric or Traditional massage, and to fully experience Frog Meadow’s restorative tranquility.

Program registration is possible via the Frog Meadow website only!


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