Entry: January 15, 2018

Answers to FAQs about GAY-TANTRA™ II

Is Tantra necessarily Sex?

The general public often associates Tantra with sex. This is only half true: in fact modern Tantra removes the natural sequence of pleasure - sexual arousal - charging up/climax - release - peace and stillness, as it occurs in every orgasm, from the sexual context. It serves as the basic framework for holistic personal growth and transformation. In Tantra this process can be experienced in the sexual context, but more often it is created through non-sexual practices such as body, breathing and energy exercises. High energy and charging oneself up allow the practitioner to come up against the boundaries of his feelings, body and mental capacity, which gives rise to opposing forces on the most varied levels. Learning to love these opposing forces leads in the final analysis to a widening of consciousness and personal capabilities.

The Indian Yogi Swami Satyananda describes the three applications of sexuality as follows:

  • procreation
  • joy and enjoyment
  • a means of widening consciousness.

Tantra disregards the first two applications, its aim is to widen consciousness. To achieve this, the experience of charging up and orgasm are to be maintained as long as possible and carried over into everyday life.

Genuine Tantra practitioners regard the sexual act as the repetition of the act of creation. Whereas in the case of the average man sexual emotion and experience are concentrated on the genitals, the feeling based on Tantra is more like the female orgasm. Arousal spreads over the whole body and takes hold of the whole person with all his or her being.

The feeling described as tantric ecstasy increases in duration and intensity. In that process the boundaries between I and you melt away and also consciousness vanishes in respect of whether it is man with man, woman with woman, woman with man, diverse with diverse. It’s all the same: you become ONE, ONE with yourself, ONE with creation, ONE with the cosmos.

It is primarily pleasure, whether of a sexual or non-sexual nature, that takes on an important aspect. It provides the energy that puts human beings in a position to transcend everyday consciousness and attain a so-called non-dual (not divided in two) state, i.e. to melt and become one.

Sexuality fulfils the function of widening consciousness and not the satisfaction of pleasure. The features of tantric practice are demonstrated in alternative forms of orgasm (e.g. 'dynamic meditation', 'kundalini meditation', 'chakra breathing' and other active meditations), long-lasting intercourse, withholding semen, as well as control and exchange of energy.

Tantra in general has little to say about love, relationships and partnership. Sexuality serves other goals than pure increase in pleasure. So it is that Tantra is practised today by diverse, same-sex, as well as heterosexual lovers.

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Entry: December 14, 2017

Answers to FAQs about GAY-TANTRA™

Everything new raises questions, which is quite natural and is a proof for human curiosity, which is a prerequisite for learning new things. A few urgent questions are handled in the following.

GAY-TANTRA – is that something for me?

GAY-TANTRA is suitable for all men, singles as well as couples, who are prepared to have new experiences in the sphere of sexuality, love, intimacy & spirituality. In essence GAY-TANTRA promotes your personal growth and aims to enhance your sexuality and vitality, and at the same time, it allows you to widen your awareness, control your pleasure and transform it consciously.

Do I have to touch someone whom I find unpleasant?

Regardless of the GAY-TANTRA seminar you attend, you are not obliged to do anything. Your limits are respected and you don’t have to touch anyone you find unpleasant. If you can’t find a suitable partner, which rarely happens, you can simply practise the Tantra exercises by yourself. The seminar leader will support and advise you in such case.

What do men do at a GAY-TANTRA Seminar?

You learn to understand sexuality as an energy experience. You can overcome your sexual boundaries and limits in general to open yourself up to new possibilities and ways of being together. The connection between sexuality, love, personal expression and spirituality gets harmonised and balanced.

With different exercises tantric body and energy work as well as different active meditations you can intensively experience yourself. This results in a widening of your personality, and gives you competence in coping with everyday human situations.

The GAY-TANTRA categories

The workshop, seminar and training topics unfold in four categories:

GAY-TANTRA Classic/Ecstatic (red colored)
These events are always about high energetic experiences of sexual release, the increase of your ability of holistic experiences and the healing of inner wounds, which keeps us limited and restricted in our boxes.

GAY-TANTRA Original/Meditative (purple colored)
These courses practice the quiet aspect of tantra and stand for centering and finding inner peace. They promote trust and acceptance as well as our empathy.

GAY-TANTRA Massage/Wellness (blue colored)
Titles and events for wellbeing, intimacy and touch, in which the two pillars ‘Ecstatic’ and ‘Meditative’ meat.

GAY-TANTRA Holiday & Seminar (turquoise colored)
The holiday seminars are a wonderful opportunity to combine the tantric lifestyle with vacation, regeneration and deep relaxation.

Pure Sex is not the aim

Men in search of pure sexual fulfilment will not find what they are looking for here. Because it isn’t the satisfaction of pleasure or ejaculation that forms the middle point here. It is rather a question of widening consciousness and learning trust, acceptance and compassion. Long-term healing and becoming whole in body, spirit and soul are what is striven for here.

The seminar titles, exercises and methods are built up in a meaningful sequence. They convey the feeling to the seminar participants that their same-sex love is accepted as something natural that also has its place in everyday life.

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Entry: November 28, 2017

The Practice of the 'Dynamic Meditation'

The Dynamic Meditation runs over 5 stages:

Stage 1 – 'Chaotic Breathing'

Breathing chaotically through the nose, let breathing be intense, deep, fast, without rhythm, with no pattern - and concentrating always on the exhalation. The body will take care of the inhalation. The breath should move deeply into the lungs. Do this as fast and as hard as you possibly can until you literally become the breathing. Use your natural body movements to help you to build up your energy. Feel it building up, but don't let go during the first stage.

Stage 2 – Explosion, Chaos

EXPLODE! …Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Follow your body. Give your body freedom to express whatever is there. Go totally mad. Scream, shout, cry, jump, kick, shake, dance, sing, laugh; throw yourself around. Hold nothing back; keep your whole body moving. A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Consciously go mad. Be total.

Stage 3 – Jumping continuously shout "Hoo!"

With arms raised high above your head, jump up and down shouting the mantra, "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" as deeply as possible. Each time you land, on the flats of your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Give all you have; exhaust yourself completely.

Stage 4 – Freeze

STOP! Freeze wherever you are, in whatever position you find yourself. Don't arrange the body in any way. A cough, a movement, anything, will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening to you.

Stage 5 – Dance and Celebrate

Celebrate! With music and dance express whatsoever is there. Carry your aliveness with you throughout the day.

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Entry: November 3, 2017

An Introduction to the '5 Step Process': The 'Dynamic Meditation'

Jump out of bed, take a deep breath or a deep sigh and get on with the day – all that belongs to the past. The start to the day is more relaxed and easy with the '5 step process', dynamic meditation, an active stepping into the day. It gets the natural energy flowing and relaxes inner tension. At the same time, it has a positive effect on your ability to think, as well as your interaction with other people.

Tips for carrying it out successfully

It requires a set time period – 60, or 30 minutes in the case of the shortened version (where each phase is then reduced by half) – to carry out all the steps. Alone or together: both are possible. However, your eyes have to remain closed for the course of the whole meditation, so that your surroundings are not a source of distraction. You can start off using a blindfold as a precaution. But hold on: breakfast is a thing of the past. An empty stomach is better for meditation. Comfortable and loose clothing or even nakedness is an important prerequisite to prevent distraction or disturbance.

The aim is not sleep or relaxation, because the participants remain wide awake and aware. 'Witness your inner state without losing yourself' sums it up perfectly. Also, full waking consciousness is maintained while breathing, to prevent the essential part from sneaking by unnoticed.

The CD is available in our Webshop, as Shipping or Download.

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Entry: July 4, 2017

Margot Anand, Osho & Homosexuality

Last weekend, Margot Anand was on the occasion of a workshop in Berlin. At her visit at the GAY-TANTRA Oasis my very best friend and I found enough time to talk about the roots of Tantra and GAY-TANTRA: Margot was the first to bring Tantra to the West in the seventies. She is also called 'The Voice of the Origins'.

I asked her why she didn’t have had any problems in 1990/1991 accepting me in her yearlong 'Love & Ecstacy Training' (30 days in 3 Modules) as the only gay man. Where Baghwan-Osho, her most important teacher, often spoke about gays in a discriminating and derogatory way.

She let me know, her relationship to Baghwan was always equal: She would never have taken a devotee attitude or had denied her intellect and her own emotions. Often they were sitting like friends around the table to have a conversation. She would even cut him off or would have contradicted him if she would have felt like that. And most, what he has said about gay men, was just 'bullshit' for her: 'It doesn't matter if the cock penetrates a yoni or a butt - the main thing is the loving ones experience ecstasy and bliss. How someone manages that, is up to everyone's own!', Margot simplified said.

Margot Anand & Armin Heining

And from this inner attitude, it has never been a problem for her, to accept me in her circle.

Margot was ahead of her time back in the day. I feel so thankful and happy!

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Entry: Apr 26, 2017

My Future Vision about GAY-TANTRA

...after 25 years of teaching GAY-TANTRA in Germany and abroad

After 25 years of GAY-TANTRA, it is my future vision to bring my "upgrown baby" back to the Osho-Buddha-Field where it at least came from through my teacher and mentor Margot Anand Naslednikov. It gives you as a GAY-TANTRA participant the chance to practice the tantric path in your local community and in your daily life.

Yes, in the late 80s and early 90s the Baghwan field has been sometimes very homophobic. There are quotes of Baghwan which can be seen as close to discrimination. And also the hysterical acting with HIV and AIDS has excluded gay people first and cut off their spiritual practices and roots. When entering at that times a local community center to practice dynamic or other active and silent meditations or to attend an evening or weekend workshop, you had to show at the reception first your recent examined negative HIV-test to get permission to attend.

Nowadays, I experience in the gay society, that in our communities we circle most of the times around ourselves (all types of sexuality, beauties , lifestyle, money, life status) and follow at least mainly the rules of money and market, which is especially for 50+, when established a profession, kind of partnership and lifestyle, too little to continue on a path of personal growth. Following these circles around ourselves, we end up in boxes, having bad emotions about society, getting older and lonely.

Since April 2016 I am meeting more often 60+ old therapists and facilitators, rooted in the Baghwan-Osho-Buddha-field since the beginning of the early 80s in India, Oregon and later back in Pune (India), now grown up and developed with all these ups and downs of a spiritual community through decades. They are more convincing me in their compassion and open-heartedness and how they act towards other people, nature, money, health etc. then any other gay persons or community I have met on this planet.

Baghwan - Osho

I myself can recover and re-open my heart towards - in my experience - the strongest competition continuously going on in the gay niche behind all community behaviors. And for me it is time to forgive the former Sanyassin their discriminating behavior in the early 90s and continue my path of personal and spiritual development along with them, which allows my strength to grow further. And I bring my upgrown baby GAY-TANTRA with me in our contacts and refer my friends, participants and followers to practice in the local Osho communities.

Yes, we have sometimes still difficulties to accept each other in our uniqueness completely. But feeling not accepted is in reality just a mirror of my own not-accepting myself in totality.

Entry: Apr 12, 2017

Some background thoughts...

about my upcoming 2nd US Workshop Tour in 2017: Berkeley, Seattle, Frog Meadow, Boston, Toronto and Chicago

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Workshop Tour in June and am particularly curious how the response to the three-hour evening workshops in Seattle, Boston und Chicago will be. I have already led the program twice in New York and the participants and I were enthusiastic: it only took three hours for everyone with previous experience to realize what makes GAY-TANTRA so unique and so enriching for the USA. And those new to Tantra were able to easily and playfully follow the selected 'Contacting & Energy Exchanges' sequence of the program. In just three hours so much positive contact came about between the men that they didn't even want to go home after it.

I wonder what the response to the evenings in Seattle, Boston and Chicago will be... Will I find a location in which the participants will be able to feel good and relaxed? Will the traveling arrangements for me and the participants be convenient and uncomplicated? Will we connect up to one another like in the previous venues or will we remain strangers?

For Seattle and Boston I am still looking for a welcoming venue. In Chicago I'll meet male Tantra enthusiasts who have offered to make their group venue available and who are keen to meet me, Armin, the person who brought GAY-TANTRA into the world and who want to learn and experience more about Tantra. The flight to and from Berlin is very convenient for me: there is a direct connection between Chicago and Berlin, which isn't an intercontinental flight hub.

Background thoughts about US Workshop Tour in June

Depending on how the overall inpression is, I am planning to revisit one or two cities in September and in that case I will offer the GAY-TANTRA 'Sexual Energy Massage' Introductory Workshop that takes not just three hours but two whole days.

I warmly invite you to take part in the Evening Workshop and even now to spread the word about it among your friends, particularly if you already know that you want to have me in September too for the Weekend Workshop in your city. A well-attended Evening Workshop in June will lay a good foundation for the follow-up in September 2017.

Entry: Mar 27, 2017

Making Of: GAY-TANTRA Livestream 03/12/2017

Back from my first US Workshop-Tour in 2017 (New York, Brattleboro, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale), I took up the suggestion made by participants to embark on publishing my autobiography: they felt moved, inspired and motivated to come to grips with their own lives.

I know from my GAY-TANTRA DVD releases from 2010 through 2015 that it is a big challenge for a homosexual and spiritual man to find a producer for film releases or a publisher for a book: most gay publishers in Europe see no profit opportunities when it comes to spiritual topics. And mainstream publishers rarely deal with homosexual subjects because they can't reach the broader public with them.

That's why it seemed to me wiser to take the first step into the public arena by appearing live in front of the camera to talk about my recent past. Direct contact with my family, friends, companions, fellow competitors und seminar participants is a source of energy and inspiration for me.

The whole week leading up to the live stream I felt rather tense and excited. Even when the camera man backed out on Thursday evening, three days before the start of the live-stream, I still held onto my goal. He said he didn't feel up to the task. On Saturday evening I was able to test the live stream in advance with a new film team. I found time to rehearse my story three times and to work on the structure: "25 Years of GAY-TANTRA and Armin Heining's future visions. My life story about light, darkness and the integration of both."

Livestream on March 03, 2017

Even if the livestream on Sunday evening wasn't technically perfect, the direct link to the audience paid off: for the first time I was able to confess wholeheartedly that I had taken a false path. I had wrongly offended people and rejected them and I asked for their forgiveness.

Following the live stream it became clear to me that my inner essence had shone out although the recording had not been perfect: from the bottom of my heart I would not want to offend, reject, mistreat or do wrong to anyone, but rather respect, support and love them. Honesty, humanity and truthfulness are my highest priority.

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